About me

I love traveling. Until recently, I was going on vacation maximum once a year because my husband doesn´t like travelling and he would prefer not to travel at all… Do you understand that ???? Well, I don’t … Actually, I never thought there were people who don’t like travelling. My husband somehow kept this information from me before the wedding … When we were at university we didn’t go on holiday together as we didn’t have much money and the flight tickets were not yet as cheap as they are today … My husband shocked me the most when he won a trip to Dubai and he announced it to me this way: “I will tell you something, but you must not be angry with me and you must not force me into anything. We won a trip to a 5 star hotel in Dubai, but I’m definitely not going anywhere. ” At that moment, I realized that it really was not worth forcing him because then I would not enjoy it either and I decided to start traveling also without him. And because it was kind of quick, I finally went to Dubai alone. Since that time I have finally travelled more, one vacation a year is definitely out of the question. Overall, I felt like I had no one to go with but then I found out that there was always someone in the end – my sister, friends, my husband once a year, and I hope once other friends have bigger kids, I will find more friends who will want to join me for my travels.

I never really thought that I could start writing a blog. There are already a lot of them, and I have never really liked writing at all. At school, I hated writing essays, and the teachers didn’t even praise me for them. Rather on the contrary: p When I was in the first year at the grammer school, we had to describe some recipe and the teacher was blaming me that “rinse the schnitzel in the egg” doesn´t sound good at all. I was only praised once when during my university studies it was written under an essay “Very intelligent work” – but there was a catch in it – that essay was written for me by my husband: p So don’t expect any refined style from me, I will never be a great writer but I realized that it would be nice to keep my travel memories and I started writing down everything.

And I’ve also found out that on most blogs I miss one thing – a lot of them don´t have too much practical information and often I can’t find the information I’m looking for. And I love planning and I write down everything before the trip so that the plan is perfect and everything goes well. Especially when traveling by bus, some preparation is needed. Someone may argue with me that without preparation it is more fun but if I want to use the time to the maximum, see as much as possible and to some locations the bus goes only twice a day, so the preparation is needed.

And it takes a lot of time to find out all timetables, specific buses, trails, links, etc., so I thought that as I have always written it in such a detailed way anyway that it might be useful for planning for someone else and save a lot of time. So, comparing to other blogs, do not expect on my blog any long descriptions of individual monuments and natural beauties, you can find a lot of information on the internet and I certainly don´t want to copy anything from somewhere… So apart from my experience from my travels, you will find on my blog mainly practical information and advice, useful links, itineraries, trails, timetables, and how bus transportation works in the respective country, restaurant tips, and you’ll never miss information on individual costs to imagine how much each item costs.

I hope you will find all this information useful if you choose the same destination and hopefully it will save you some time. And if you feel I have forgotten something and you would appreciate some more information, let me know in the comment and if I know the answer, I will be happy to give you an advice.