About my blog

What can you find on my blog?

  • Useful advice and tips – perhaps it will save you some time and help you plan your vacation
  • Itineraries
  • Visited places – map
  • Buses and timetables – I don’t have a driving license, so when I’m not traveling with my husband, we use bus transport. It takes quite a lot of time to find all the timetables for all trips, so if you will use my itinerary, you will definitely save some time.
  • Trails and maps – when I read other blogs, I don’t like to find many times only the places to visit, but not details regarding location, how far it is from our accommodation and how the route looks like to see the number of kilometers, elevation difference etc. So on my blog you will always find a link to the map for each place you visit. For hikes, you will see a photo of the map with the route and at the same time a link to the map with the route so that you can see the number of kilometers, elevation difference and eventually adjust the route as you want for your hike.
  • Restaurant tips
  • Costs – at the end of the article you will always find not only how much the holiday cost, but also a breakdown of the individual items to have an idea about prices in the respective location.
  • Links – for each place I visited, you will find useful links. A summary of all the links from the article can always be found at the end of the article.
  • Travel experiences


You may be wondering why I have a separate section for Madeira and why it is not included in Europe… I fell in love with Madeira during my first visit – amazing nature, beautiful mountains, coasts, levadas with lush vegetation, picturesque towns, great cuisine and very nice people….

Since visiting Madeira, I’ve been comparing everything to Madeira. And the answer is always – beautiful but it’s not Madeira… I never liked to go back to the same places but after visiting Madeira it changed and I knew from the first visit that I was not here for the last time. And as the number of trips and articles about Madeira will gradually increase, I have created a separate section for Madeira. Madeira deserves it. For me, it is the top destination in Europe.

I fell in love with Madeira right after the first visit so much that we decided to buy an apartment in Madeira – a big renovated 2 bedroom apartment with a large terrace in Funchal in Sao Martinho. Located in a quiet neighborhood with all public amenities (excellent restaurants, supermarket, excellent fruit shop, cheap and reliable car rental, playground for children, parks, etc.).

Our apartment is located about 2.1 km from the beach Praia Formosa (direct bus to the beach just behind our house), 1.7 km from the pool Lido and 2.3 km from the pools Ponta Gorda and about 2.7 km from the natural pools Doca das Cavacas and 2.5 km from the center.

Also you will be able to use soon our apartment for your holiday 🙂 We are going to go there only on holiday for the time being and it would be a pity to leave it empty for the rest of the year, so we would like to offer it for rent to tourists as well.

  • The information is valid as of the date I visited the country, unfortunately it is not in my power to update all the information. In particular, prices and timetables may change, so if you read an article from an earlier date, check the information in the links I provide to each place


What can’t you find on my blog?

  • No long descriptions of places and monuments, you can find a lot of such information on the internet and I definitely don´t want to copy anything from anywhere… So I always attach only useful links where I was inspired when I wanted to read something about the respective places
  • Photos of me and my fellow travellers – I don’t know if my fellow travellers would mind, and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t like to take photos of myself, I’m not photogenic and it will be definitely more interesting to look at the places I’ve visited than at me :p


What travels can you find on my blog and what will you not find here?

  • Definitely don’t look for completely low cost trips with sleeping on the beach, in a tent and cooking on the camping stove, I was never intererested in it… But on the other hand I don’t insist on too much luxury, it depends on who I’m going with, so doesn´t matter if it is a 4 star hotel or the cheapest accommodation from Booking with shared bathroom. In fact, I was happier on such holidays than in a 4 star hotel.
  • Lately, I tend to go on my own without a travel agency but when it’s for a good price, I don’t completely mind using a travel agency, especially with children as it’s more practical that you don’t have to deal with everything separately like transfers from airport, accommodation and food.
  • I enjoy hiking, so you will find tips for easy hikes in nature and mountains. I like the mountains a lot but I can’t do much with my condition, so the hikes in the mountains, which you will find on my blog, are absolutely suitable for people like me, for retired people and children as well.
  • You can also find cities and monuments on my blog, but lately I’ve been enjoying the nature more.
  • You will find mainly trips in Europe on my blog, just a couple of travels outside Europe as I don’t have anybody to go with for longer trips and 5 weeks of vacation a year is not much either…