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    Madeira – links and applications

    Madeira – Useful information, links and applications In this article you will find useful information, links and apps related to Madeira. I always write useful links and applications for to the respective post directly but because I don’t always use the same ones or I keep discovering new ones, I thought that I would write useful links and applications related to Madeira in one article, so that you have it in one place. If you come up with another useful application or link related to Madeira, I will be happy if you mention it in the comments. In this article, I did not want to write too much details, you…

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    Buying a flat in Madeira – story & process

    Purchase of flat T2 in Funchal In this article, I would like to describe in detail everything about buying an apartment in Madeira – information and various tips about real estate agencies, prices, the rest of the purchase process after arriving in the Czech Republic and in the end I will briefly summarize the whole process. If you are considering buying an apartment abroad, this information and tips can certainly be useful for you, whether you are buying a property in Madeira or elsewhere. E.g. in countries like Spain or Italy, the process is similar (at least according to what I read…). I have already described the story of how…

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    Madeira Island – 02/2020

    Madeira – buying a flat I fell in love with Madeira during my first visit. I have never been tempted to return to the same place. But with Madeira it changed. Madeira is very addictive and for me a strong addiction started during the first visit. So big that we decided to buy an apartment in Madeira. Now, in February, it was not yet a good timing to buy a flat, and the purpose of the visit was just to visit Funchal to make sure we really wanted to buy an apartment there and chat with real estate agents and see some of the apartments. But as it is usually…

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    Madeira – 06/2018

    Madeira by bus I have decided to go to Madeira with my sister in mid-June as this is one of the least rainy months and also we were hoping it might be also a good weather for occasional bathing in the ocean. It was our first journey on our own without travel agency, and since neither of us have a driving license, we decided to travel by bus (well, to be honest, even if I had it, on narrow roads in Madeira I would be afraid of driving anyway). If you are also going to travel on Madeira by bus, you may appreciate some useful advice and tips. At the…