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Useful links for travelling

When planning a holiday, the internet is a great help. In this article you will find my favorite websites that are useful when planning a vacation. Some of them also have a mobile application for the website, but I will focus on mobile applications in another post.

Maybe you don’t know some of them yet and they will help you in planning your vacation. If you use any other website that is useful for planning a vacation, I will be happy if you write your tips in the comments.



I like the most You can find there, for example, hiking trails, so these maps are great for planning treks. So in this respect they are much better than Google maps, as you can´t find there trails. Of course, also have a mobile application where maps of individual countries can be downloaded to be able to use them offline.

Google maps

Compared to, Google maps are better for finding restaurants, reviews, bus departures, etc. Of course, there is also a mobile application, where the section of the map you select can be downloaded to use it offline.



Transport from airport

Useful websites where you can find how to get from the airport to the city. Here you will find the approximate price of a taxi or what are the options for bus transport to the city.


Rome2rio has both a website and a mobile application. If you travel by public transport, it will be useful for planning your trips. After entering the place from where you want to go, you will see all transport options – bus, train, taxi, including the approximate price and link to the taxi service, etc. For buses, it shows which number goes to the respective place, including map and departure times and link to the official timetable of the bus company. Really useful page, but I use it mainly to find out what bus number goes to the given location and I check the specific timetable on the official website of the bus company.

Web –

Mobile app –


Similar websites like Rome2rio, where you can find bus departure times, map, etc. Also here you can use both the website and the mobile application.

Web –

Mobile app

Useful site if you travel by train in Europe. It will find connections between individual cities and you will also find a map with links to the websites of individual railway companies in individual European countries.


Free tours

If you want to go on a guided city tour, you can try Free tours. Well, it’s customary to give a tip after a tour. So far I have tried only once in Barcelona and it was great. Tourists were giving about 5-10 EUR.


Activities and travelling with locals

If you want to meet the locals, you can use some of the websites below. Locals offer different excursions or activities at different prices, some even for free. You can go on a tour of the city, to the nature, to the pub for a beer, but you can also find various other activities such as cooking together. An ideal choice if you are traveling alone and you want to meet someone local and get to know the culture of the country better.

I haven’t personally tried it yet, but I have saved these sites in case I would travel alone. If you have personal experience with some of them, I will be happy if you write your experience in the comments. 


Electrical sockets

Are you going to a country and you don’t know if they have the same sockets as in your country? On the following pages you will find photos and pictures of sockets in individual countries, so thanks to these pages you can easily find out if you will need an adapter, for example, to charge your mobile phone.






Time zones

Nice page if you need to find out the time in another country.



Czech web site – visa information, various instructions and information on the current situation in the country. It is especially useful if you are traveling outside Europe.



Czech web site – possibility for Czechs to register in Drozd, good especially when traveling outside Europe. The information you provide by registering can then be used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide assistance, for example, in the event of natural disasters or various social unrest. The system enables the sending of bulk e-mails and SMS to all registered persons located in a given country, and thus provides registered persons with important information or warns them in time of imminent danger.



Overview of mandatory and recommended vaccinations


Flight tickets

Flight ticket search engines would would require an entire article, but I like the most Skyscanner.





Numbeo is a useful site where you can find information on the price of food, restaurants, petrol, apartment rental, etc. in the respective country. You will also find information on crime, health care and other useful information.

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